Authentic video produced
in 60 minutes or less.


We get it!

OneHour.Video is the most affordable and accessible way to produce authentically engaging video ever.

All for one.
One for all.

Whatever it is you do, there is a reason why you’ve chosen to make it your livelihood. There is a reason why you wake up each and every day and put your blood, sweat and tears into your business. OneHour.Video focuses on authentically capturing your purpose.

Simple Steps

In just a few taps our process
will distill your ideas into a production plan.

With a plan you love and a date that works great
— it’s time for action.

We’ll be gone in sixy minutes or less, 
and you’ll have a video to share on social media.

Focusing on what matters. 

Capturing an idea or a feeling requries an acute awareness and receptivity to being in the present moment. Over the years, I have worked extensively to refine a process that would produce authentic videos to be shared on social media in an accessible format. OneHour.Video is my dream and I’m happy to offer it to you. What’s your dream? I’d love to spend an hour while you share your creation and capture it to share on video. 


Matt Schweppe

The Video Guy

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