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Never before has it been so incredibly simple to make a video you love in less than 60 minutes. One Hour is all it takes, seriously. Before all the sand is on the bottom of the hour glass, you can upload to all the platforms you have a presence on for your family, friends, followers and fans to view. It’s a conveniently fantastic way to increase engagement and boost interaction in your newsletter, on your website and across social media networks.


Real People. Real Stories.

From planning through publishing our focus is unequivocally set on how to genuinely share your unique story. The best way we’ve discovered to facilitate this sometimes elusive phenomena is to implement it ourselves, which is why we share our thoughts honestly, (call it a policy if you prefer).


High Quality. Low Cost.

The most cost effective solution for delivering relevant and engaging cinematic content ever. Sure, that’s a bold claim, but we’ll keep it here until it’s contested and proven otherwise. Check out our transparent and fixed pricing sheet.


Simple to start. Easy to share.

Booking a video takes less than sixty seconds. The whole process takes less than an hour of your time, often even less. We’ve simplified the process of producing a video to be simple and seamless. 

A Personalized Production Plan

An idea is only a fantasy until there is a plan to bring it into reality. We choose to be very pragmatic with what we offer in order to deliver on our OneHour.Video promise. Unfortunately, we’re not going to create an episode of Game of Thrones in just 60 minutes. Together, we’ll capture the extraordinary that you perform every day. Before the camera rolls, we make sure there is consensus on the concept with a very straightforward and easy to understand production plan. Learn more about our simple production plan process.

Plan your production.

Get your sound on the right track.

It’s indescribable when music travels through your ears. Sometimes it brings joy and at other times, tears. When it ripples through your body and permeates every fiber of your being, you might just find yourself breaking some moves. Finding the right groove to sync the audio with the visuals is like peanutbutter to jelly. We are diligent to find the right soundtrack to your video.

Start by setting the mood with music.

Surrounded in Story

To you, it’s more than a story, it’s your life. As the hands of time have ticked and tocked, you have invested blood, sweat and tears into your passion. As life happens moment to moment, we're subsequently marking the minutes in our days and months in the years.

Start sharing your story 

Transcend the space-time continuum.

The value of video rests upon it’s innate ability to provide a portal for people to peer into your part of the world, or Cincinnati in this particular case. The power of video is undeniable. If your skeptical, you can read the research or better yet, watch the value of video. Look forward to that moment in the future when you’re looking back at the past and recall this present moment when you chose to create a time capsule for your business in the form of a OneHour.Video to share your pride and joy into the ethers across all corners of the world. 

Schedule a time to rendezvous

Honor the process.

For over a decade, we’ve worked to create not only an unprecedented service but one that is accompanied with an unparalleled experience. Carefully crafted, our process redefines video production for small businesses. Every second matters, so our focus is set on providing a proven efficient, effective and enjoyable solution that respects your precious time.

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